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Trinidad and Tobago Coat of Arms Trinidad and Tobago is a republic within the Commonwealth, with a president as Head of State. An electoral college consisting of both Houses of Parliament elects the President. Executive power lies with the prime minister and the Cabinet.

A bicameral Parliament whose normal term is five years exercises legislative power. The date of elections can be advanced if the ruling party dissolves Parliament or if it receives a vote of 'no confidence" in Parliament. The 36-member House of Representatives are elected by universal adult suffrage.

The Senate's 31 members are appointed by the president: 16 on the advice of the prime minister; 6 on the opposition leader's; and 9 at his own discretion. Tobago has a separate House of Assembly, consisting of 12 seats, which controls some of the island's domestic affairs.

The judicial system is composed of the Supreme Court and the District Courts. The Supreme Court of judicature consists of the High Court of Justice and the Court of Appeals. The Chief Justice and 10 Puisne judges represent the High Court. The District Courts are composed of the Chief Magistrate, seven senior and 18 Stipendiary Magistrates. In these courts, the work of the Petty Civil Courts and Courts of Summary jurisdiction is conducted.

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