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More than anything else, Trinidadians know how to have a good time. From the frantic activity of the discos and nightclubs to the relaxed Sunday "lime" (hangout) at Maracas Beach, this is a population that takes its leisure time very seriously indeed.

Apart from the routine night spots, shows featuring big name local and international performers regularly entertain capacity crowds at a variety of venues, including the National Stadium. The major hotels offer local talent on a more intimate scale, often showcasing indigenous music and dance at their nightclubs or pool-terraces.

Daytime daytime entertainment generally involves outdoor activity: sailing, tennis golf, wind surfing and deep sea fishing are all popular pursuits with locals and visitors alike. Most can be organized through the lager hotels. Island tours to suit all interests (and budgets) are also available from a number of tour and operators.

Sports fans will find themselves among kindred spirits, in Trinidad. This is a nation of enthusiasts, as the crowds at football and cricket matches testify. The Queen's Park Oval and the National Stadium are the main venues for team sports; cycling is another big crowd-pleaser. Horse racing formerly a big attraction at the Savannah, now takes place at the Santa Rosa park in Arima.


Wtih the mountains of the Northern Range stretching lazily in the background, the Queen's Park Oval has the reputation of being the most scenic cricket ground in the world.

Covering an area of more than ten acres, the Oval was once part of the old St. Claire Estate. In, 1986 it was leased for 199 years to the Queen's Park Cricket Ground Company, which signed an agreement with the Queen's Park Cricket Club, making the latter of the exclusive occupant of the grounds.

The playing field is the venue for regional and international cricket matches; it has hosted some of the finest players of the century. It is also used for tennis, cycling, athletics, and a number of other functions, including massive carnival fetes. The oval can hold 30,000 spectators.


The National Stadium in west Port Of Spain is an international standard facility constructed in 1983 as the as the second phase of a National Sporting Complex, was completed in 1979 and consists of all-purpose hard courts and an indoor gymnasium. The stadium, designed for athletics and football, boasts a 400-metre athletics track, American football goalposts, and seating capacity of up to 25,000. It offers the best up to date facilities for training and competition, including a weight training gym, saunas and whirlpools, and a First Aid station with major and minor operating theaters.

All seats have uninterrupted views of the entire track and field. The stadium has been designed to conform with international standards for crowd safety and escape: it can be entirely evacuated within six minutes. The stadium is a much used venue for popular international performers, as well as a variety of cultural activities and expositions.

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