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Trinidad's beaches, while not as easily accessible as those of Tobago, are nevertheless well worth seeking out. As diverse as the topography, which embraces them, they offer visitors everything from caves to coconut palms, from rolling breakers to glassy green waters. Some of the beaches that should not be missed are:

Las Cuevas lies a short distance further along the north coast road; as its name implies, this pleasant beach is riddled with rocky caves. It is especially popular among surfers and wind-surfers.

Manzanilla, just north of Mayaro, offers a similar landscape: miles of coconut plantation lining the Atlantic. Like Mayaro, guesthouses are often available for rental along this peaceful beach.

Situated on the island's north coast, Maracas is possibly the most popular beach in all of Trinidad. Certainly, it is the hangout of choice for anyone living in the Port Of Spain area, particularly on Sundays and public holidays, when it becomes one vast outdoor picnic/party.

It is reached via a winding and very scenic drive through the mountains of the Northern Range, where small waterfalls tumble down the rocks to offer cold clear drinks of spring water to passersby. The beach at Maracas is 1850 metres long, with clean white sand and dazzling blue water. lt offers good surfing, well-maintained changing facilities, a variety of food vendors and lifeguards on duty daily.

Mayaro is for the contemplative by nature. Located on the east coast, this is the longest beach in Trinidad, stretching about 16 km (10 miles) beside the grey-green breakers of the Atlantic. Lined with coconut palms and riddled with small lagoons, this is the ideal beach for long walks, or for watching the sun come up.

On the west coast, Vessigny Beach is a pleasant place for a swim. Located not far from the village of La Brea, Vessigny offers the possibility of an agreeable side trip after a visit to the region's famous Pitch Lake.


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